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Pilates is a low impact exercise method that can benefit people of all ages and levels of fitness, from beginners to elite athletes.


The pilates method aims to improve overall body strength, with an emphasis on core strength. It promotes total body conditioning that focuses on lengthening to develop long, lean muscles rather than short, bulky muscles that are more prone to injury.

As pilates builds strength, control and endurance in the whole body, it can improve performance in all sports.  lt also improves flexibility and mobility, which is particularly important in order to maintain good posture and movement as we age.

Regular pilates practice can also help to alleviate back pain, the number one reason why many of my clients practise pilates!

PilateswithNicole offers fun and effective classes for all abilities.  Before starting an exercise programme, you are advised to seek advice from a GP or health professional if you have any health concerns or an injury.

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