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"I started Pilates with Nicole about 9 months ago. I always feel brilliant after her classes, and since I started I feel more toned and as if my posture is better. Nicole is a fantastic teacher, she demonstrates and explains postures clearly, and ensures everyone can work at their right level. I would absolutely recommend Pilates with Nicole."

Sue, North Kingston

“I have been attending Nicole's Pilates class for over a year now. In comparison to other Pilates classes Nicole's are simply a "cut above". My core strength has improved dramatically and runs have improved due to this.”

Julie, North Kingston

“Nicole is good at giving personal attention throughout the class. She works us hard which is good, but there’s also plenty of laughter!

I have changed shape around my middle since taking up the pilates classes 6 months ago and I can now do a plank, which I had not even attempted 6 months ago.

Pilates has also helped my balance, and my posture when sitting and singing.

I would recommend Nicole’s pilates classes for anyone new to pilates, as I was. She gives people the opportunity to take their exercises to the next level of difficulty if they want more of a challenge but there is no compulsory pressure to do so.”

Fiona, Kingston

“It is the only exercise class I look forward to. Nicole puts us through the moves with patience and gentle humour.”

Sabita, Kingston

“Nicole introduced me to the world of Pilates and now I can’t stop! Her classes are great for all levels as she gives different options with each exercise. It has shown me how good for your body Pilates is and it is enjoyable to attend her classes with the wide range of abilities.”

Dawn, Kingston

"I've been doing Pilates with Nicole for over a year now and I really enjoy her classes. No two are ever the same and she injects just the right amount of humour and encouragement to make sure I push myself and come away feeling it has been an hour well spent."

Thais, North Kingston

"I was welcomed in to Nicole's class as a beginner, and feel that I have made significant progress in just one term. The Pilates has helped my running."

Fraser, Esher

"Nicole's Pilates classes are really good because she makes them fun, challenging and offers lots of variety. No two class are the same. She has a calming tone that makes you want to try that bit harder. The results are great if the aching the next day is anything to go by!!! I'd definitely recommend her services."

Nana, North Kingston

“Nicole is a great teacher and her classes are always varied and challenging – highly recommended for proficient plankers as well as beginners!”

Rebecca, North Kingston

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